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When you turn on the faucet, you expect water to come out.

We serve an area whose population is anticipated to grow nearly 500% in the next half century. Since it often takes decades to permit and build the infrastructure that keeps water running/clean, we are planning today to provide reliable water and wastewater service to the families and cities that depend on us.

Our Projects

These projects will allow UTRWD to continue providing safe, clean drinking water to meeting the growing water needs of its customers.

Parallel Pipeline Project

UTRWD will install approximately 4 miles of 72-inch diameter water pipeline through Lewisville in Denton County during 2020. This pipeline will be placed next, or parallel, to an existing UTRWD water pipe. The new pipeline is needed to transport additional water to growing communities in Denton County. It also provides another way to transport water in the event that the existing pipeline requires repairs or maintenance. The new pipeline will move treated drinking water from our Tom Taylor Plant in Lewisville to the Stonehill Booster Pump Station, where it will be distributed to the customers we serve.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2020 and should be completed by the summer of 2021. The project is estimated to cost approximately $42 million. Want to know what to expect during construction? Check out this useful project fact sheet, which includes more information about the project as well as safety tips.

Harpool Water Treatment Plant Expansion: Phase 1

We are also working to increase the treatment capacity of our Harpool Water Treatment Plant near Providence Village, TX. This expansion will also help to meet the needs of our growing service area, particularly for our customers in northeast Denton and western Collin Counties.

The Current Harpool Water Treatment Plant that will be expanded to meet increasing local water needs.

Improvements will be made over three to five years and eventually double the amount of water that the Harpool Plant can treat from its current 20 MGD to 40 MGD. Construction crews will also build additional administration and maintenance facilities. The total estimated project cost is approximately $44.5 million, and FY2020 appropriations is approximately $9.5 million.

TxDOT Relocations

TxDOT is currently expanding several major roadways that will impact Upper Trinity’s existing infrastructure, generally along U.S. Hwy 380 and FM 2181. These roadway expansions are necessary to support population growth. UTRWD usually builds its infrastructure in private easements and out of public rights-of-way. However, TxDOT’s upcoming roadway expansion projects will likely require UTRWD to relocate its water and wastewater facilities along U.S. Hwy 380 as well as a water transmission pipeline along FM 2181.

UTRWD is coordinating with TxDOT to identify the needed relocations and anticipates that construction will begin sometime in FY2020. Work along FM 2181 has been allotted $711,000 for FY2020, with a total project cost of $3.6 million. Relocating the water system along Hwy 380 is anticipated to cost approximately $10,000, primarily for coordination with the appropriate agencies.

Ozonation Rehabilitation Project

UTRWD uses ozonation at its Taylor Water Treatment Plant as part of the water treatment process. This project will replace a certain side of the plant’s stream ozone facilities and should be completed by September 2020. The total estimated project cost is approximately $980,000, with $480,000 apportioned for FY2020.

Ozone generator

Lake Ralph Hall

Since our existing sources of water can only meet demand for the next 25 years, we must find additional water supplies to meet the growing needs of our members and customers. UTRWD is planning to add to its existing water supplies by building Lake Ralph Hall along the North Sulphur River in Fannin County.

Learn more on our website dedicated to Lake Ralph Hall:

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We collaborate with many local contractors on projects to provide our region with high quality water. Check out our contracting opportunities for Lake Ralph Hall and other current water projects.