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Become A Green Pro

Do you work in the landscape industry and would like to hone your environmental and sustainability skills?

If so, the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) Green Pro workshops will help you achieve that goal.

Our workshops will equip you to become a water conservation and sustainability expert. The program covers a range of the most important sustainable landscape techniques. Participants will be equipped with the essential tactics to design and care for low-maintenance, water-saving landscapes that are attractive, fit our North Texas climate and need fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and water.

Completion of the courses will allow you and your company to be featured in our online directory of Water Efficient Recognized Green Professionals.

UTRWD’s Green Pro Program

This year our program will be hosted jointly with the AgriLife Extension Tarrant County Office and Denton County Office as well as the Tarrant Regional Water District.

The five workshops are scheduled for 2021:

  •  February 3: Water Conservation Overview

Course objectives: Gain a better understanding of North Texas water supplies, providers, and why conservation is important. Learn the basic principles of water efficient landscaping.

  • February 10: All About Turfgrass

Course objectives: Learn and understand turfgrass varieties appropriate for North Texas. Dive deeper into the selection, care, maintenance, and management of these grasses.

  • February 17: Low Impact Design (LID)

Course objectives: Explore low impact landscape design practices that protect water quality and increase sustainability in both residential and commercial settings.

  • February 24: Irrigation Technology and Scheduling

Course objectives: Proper irrigation is critical to plant health. Explore design, pressure, new technologies, appropriate programming / scheduling, and system maintenance.

  • March 3: Low Water Use Plants

Course Objectives: Learn how to properly select plants according to water requirements and shade tolerance for a beautiful, water efficient landscape your customers will love!

Program Details

Our 2021 workshop series consists of five 1.5 hour virtual classes. All classes will be held from 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. Two site visits are scheduled for February 24 in Fort Worth (Low Impact Design Landscapes) and March 3 in Denton (Turfgrass and Irrigation). Site locations will be announce once the classes begin.

The total cost for the series is $30 for new participants and $15 for those who have already completed the Green Pros program previously. Price includes all course materials.

Event location:
Online! Site visit locationss will be announced once the classes begin.

Program sponsors:
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Tarrant Regional Water District
Upper Trinity Regional Water District

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UTRWD Water Education Coordinator