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Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Education and outreach is a key component of Upper Trinity's Water Conservation and Watershed Protection programs. Upper Trinity provides educational resources in a variety of formats, such as virtual and in-person classes (Water Talks) and how-to videos.
Join us during these events to increase your knowledge of irrigation, landscaping and watershed protection to help save water, money, and protect water quality. Below is a listing of past and upcoming educational opportunities that residents are encouraged to take part in.

Upcoming Events

March 6 at 12 pm, Online
Turning Dirt into SOIL - The why, how, when of the process, including how to use compost and mulch, will be discussed during the hour-long presentation (including time for Questions and Answers). The goal is to inspire you to believe in yourself in conquering those pesky flower beds that refuse to yield good planting results, and to save some time, energy, and money in the process. 

March 27, 2024 at 7 pm, Flower Mound Library
Learn all about water-saving habits, especially for outdoor watering, that are crucial for homeowners' wallets and the sustainability of our North Texas communities. .

Past Events

Smart Irrigation
Water Talk: How to Thrive During Watering Restrictions
Water Talk: Smart Irrigation Technology

Water Talk: Drip Irrigation

Water Talk: Program Your Controller to Save Water
Lawn Care
March 1, 2023Water Talk: Lawn Care Basics (Dr. Becky Bowling, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension)
This program focuses on managing landscapes with the big picture in mind. Attendees are encouraged to think about how practices such as watering, fertilization, and pesticide applications can affect water and the environment in their local communities and beyond. Leave empowered to make a difference with your own little piece of Texas.

November 8, 2023 - Water Talk: Winter is Coming - Are Your Sprinklers Ready? (Blake Alldredge, UTRWD)
UTRWD provided tips on how to prepare your sprinklers and home for the winter, including turning off sprinklers until the spring and insulating outdoor faucets and sprinkler components. UTRWD also discussed ways to save water indoors and protect your plumbing during the holidays.
Native Plants
Water Talk: Encouraging Native Plants in HOA Landscapes

Getting Started with Native Plants

Water Talk: Pollinator Gardening from the Ground Up
Soil and Plant Care
February 15, 2023Water Talk: Pruning for Success (Pat Moyer, Denton County Master Gardener Association)
Not sure the best way to prune your perennial plants, shrubs (Crape Myrtles??) or trees? Watch our first 'Water Talk' as Denton County Master Gardener Pat Moyer discusses the best pruning techniques to enhance your plants without harming them!

Soil Preparation and How to Plant a Plant